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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I request an estimate? Simply fill out the quote form on the website, or call (440) 901-3277.

Q- What areas do you service? We service the Chardon School District, including Hambden, Munson, and parts of Clairdon Townships. 

Q- Do I need to be home for my estimate? No. For lawn maintenance estimates, most mulch estimates, and snow plowing estimates, you do not need to be present.

Q- What's included in your mowing service? Our mowing service includes lawn mowing, edging the concrete as needed, string trimming lawn areas not reached by the mower, and blowing all clippings from hard surfaces.

Q- How do I pay for my services? We use a credit card on file, and you are charged after your services are performed. Snow plowing is billed for the season, payable in 1, 2, or 3 payments. We have a limited number of 'per-push' spots available.


Q- When are snow plowing payments due? Full-season contracts are billed on October 31st, November 30th, and December 31st depending if you want 1, 2, or 3 payments. 'Per-Push' contracts are charged after each service.

Q- It's snowing, when will my driveway be plowed? In order to provide our employees with a livable wage throughout the winter, we schedule our plowing routes to be based on an 8-hour shift during a 6" snowfall. In the event of a larger storm or one where the snowfall is sporadic, your service could be delayed. Blackbeard Lawn Care does not allow our employees to plow for more than 14 hours without an 8-hour break to ensure the safety of our team members. For a point of reference, an 18"-20" blizzard could take over 20 hours to clear all the driveways on a route.

Q- How do I pay for other work? For cleanups, mulch, and tree/shrub trimming we use a credit card on file. Depending on the scope of work, we may require a deposit.

Q- If it's raining on my scheduled service date, when should I expect service? We monitor the weather forecast in Chardon, if it will rain on your scheduled service day, we will attempt to service your yard the day before the rain, or as soon as possible after the rain. In the event of a multi-day rain event, your lawn may not get serviced that week, you will only be charged if we perform service.

Q- Can we request a specific day of the week to be serviced? We will try to accommodate your day request, but cannot guarantee it. We service specific areas on certain days of the week. We do not take time-of-day requests.

Q- Do I need to be home for service? No, as long as we have access to your lawn/backyard, you do not need to be present for your service.

Q- Can I call and skip a service? Yes, however, if you request your service to be skipped and the lawn has excessive growth for the next service, you may be charged an overgrowth fee.

Q- What if my lawn isn't growing? We keep an eye on the health of your lawn. During the dry times of summer when the grass is dormant, and in the early spring/late fall when the grass doesn't grow much, we will skip your lawn service. You will not be charged in these instances.

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